Dog Training Series


Here's something fun to do while you're house bound - teach him Roll Over!  

Why not teach your Dog some new Tricks and Training with the WeatherBeeta Dog Training Series, proudly brought to you by K9 Connect?  


    Plus share a video or photo of your Dog doing Roll Over and the one that has received the most likes and shares on WeatherBeeta Dog - Australia Facebook across the training series will win a $350 Weatherbeeta Wardrobe*!  

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    Our comprehensive 3 Stage Video Training Session shows you how to train your Dog to Roll Over!  Plus we have included some Trouble Shooting Tips!

    Roll Over - Stage 1

    Roll Over - Stage 2


    Roll Over - Stage 3

    Roll Over - Trouble Shooting

    Here are some useful tips if you're having a bit of trouble!


      Upload your photo each week to Win a weekly prize pack containing a K9 Connect Dog Training Course and a WeatherBeeta Dog Wardrobe*!  Every entry receives a special offer! Plus share a video or photo of your getting their collar and lead on and the one that has received the most likes and shares on WeatherBeeta Dog - Australia Facebook across the training series will win a $350 Weatherbeeta Wardrobe*! 


      K9 Connect are proud to partner with WeatherBeeta with this exciting new Training Series to keep you occupied during the current COVID-19 Outbreak!  

      Online Courses

      K9 Connect takes a modern approach to dog training and offers a range of seminars, short courses and workshops through traditional face to face dog training (when social distancing rules are not in place), as well as our innovative online and live virtual portal!  

      With the current COVID-19 Outbreak, online classes and virtual consultations are delivered to you in the comfort of your own home. 

      All face to face, or Online K9 Connect graduates receive the official K9 Connect Certificate, as well as exclusive offers to leading Dog Products!

      There are three options for our Online Courses.  Some of our courses have the opportunity of working positions and auditing positions.  Teaching material is released in weeks 1, 3, 5 & 7 and a live feeds, allowing for Q&A with your trainers, are set up in week 2, 4, 6 & 8 of the course.
      Other courses have self-paced modules plus the ability to converse and discuss with your trainers and other participants.

      • Supercharged Puppies - Puppy School – starts 30th April
      • Loose Leash Walking and Household Manners – starts 19th April
      • Start Line Stays – perfect to perfect your stay for home or performance - starts 22nd April
      • Beginners Rally – learning all about Novice Rally – starts 19th April
      • Tricks Taster – the beginning steps for a new trick every week – starts 1st May
      • Crates are Great – crate training for your dog – commencing shortly
      • Racy Recalls – working on building your dog’s reliability in coming back when called – commencing in May
      • Social Hour – weekly tips, tricks and training ideas – commencing shortly
      • Recharging Charlie – perfect for the older dog – commencing shortly
      • Pre-Performance Puppies – fun and engaging skills for smart minded dogs – commencing shortly
      • Beginning Competition Obedience – foundation training for formal obedience – commencing shortly
      • We also offer Private Lessons for specific training requirements and Behaviour Consults to help with behaviour concerns not covered in training courses. Currently, these are being conducted through online meeting apps such as FaceTime, Skype or Zoom.


      Register as a K9 Connect Member now, so you can benefit from receive advice on course openings before they fill up! Plus you will be invited to attend exclusive events, have access to exclusive discounts on key Dog Products and you’ll also receive our latest news and special offers! 

      About K9 Connect

      At K9 Connect, we are passionate about educating you to enable the ultimate connection between you and your dog through proven scientific positive reinforcement training principles.  Our professional training methods are based on formal qualifications and over 20 years experience training animals across a range of disciplines.  Keeping abreast of industry changes and animal welfare are our highest priorities.
      K9 Connection evolved from a partnership between two amazing Dog Trainers, Julija Kinghorn (BSc (hons)) from Southern Cross Animal Stars and Amanda Murcutt (B,An Sci) Pawsitively Great Pets.

      Over the years, we have worked with owners to train over 10,000 dogs from puppies to high performance dogs!  We are active competitors in agility, obedience and rally-o and we have also had the pleasure of working with veterinary professionals and other well-known industry leaders.  And not only we do we help you train your dog, we have also been involved in wrangling dogs for many movies and TV commercials!  We have vast experience training trainers, working with veterinary practitioners and behaviourists, councils and also shelters.  We also travel interstate to conduct training sessions and judge for canine Breed and Obedience training clubs.

      We take the time to understand your needs and work with you and your dog to achieve your partnership aspirations, whether it be as simple as wanting to walk safely around the park, to wanting to teach your dog some cool tricks, to being able to perform in agility competitions.  We simply love dogs and love working with others who love their dogs too!